Re: Water pump

Posted by TxGoat On 2024/5/20 20:31:54
Be aware that a leaky water pump can leak air into the coolant at higher engine speeds. This can cause problems with the radiator overflowing, as if it was boiling, even if it isn't actually boiling. In addition, corrosion will be accelerated and steam pockets and local overheating, especially around exhaust valve seats, can occur. The pump can leak air IN when the engine is running, even if it doesn't leak water out when the engine is stopped. I'd replace or repair the pump now, rather than risk problems on the road .... and perhaps cracking a valve seat or two. The pump, fan, and pulley can be removed and replaced as a unit. Removing the right inner fender panel will give much better access to the radiator drain valve and to the lower radiator hose clamps. The panel is not very difficult to remove and replace.

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