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Posted by HH56 On 2024/5/28 13:42:33
If that AGA 5/8 fuse length is the typical size of the fuse you need and you have none of the holder pieces you will need to find an original or maybe the modern midget size panel mount fuse holders sold for 3/4 long fuses would work if the spring can be stretched. I do not know the diameter of the midget fuses though and the AGA 1/4 diameter of the suggested fuse may not fit those holders. If you only need a 5 amp fuse perhaps a different type fuse and size of holder could be mounted in your cutout box.

Most of the typical cartridge type panel mount fuse holders sold today are for what has become the modern standard 1/4 x 1 1/4 long AGC/3AG fuses and will not work as is for the smaller ones like the AGA. Also its longer length might not fit in your cutout enclosure. If the length does fit your cutout you MIGHT be able to use a modern holder by getting a different type fuse or a longer spring to take up space and carry the end connection if you must use the shorter AGA fuse. If you can find anyone selling the specific length SFE style fuse holders which were the Packard and many other mfgs standard for a lot of years you are looking for the holder sized for SFE4 fuses. Those fuses are also 1/4 x 5/8 same as the AGA.

For anyone interested, here is a list showing SFE fuse sizes. Packard typically used 4 or 5 different SFE amp ratings and until 55 most were in inline holders. Each SFE fuse length has a specific holder. The different holder size scheme is designed to prevent a larger fuse from being used when a smaller size is called for.

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