Re: Tomorrows should be the big day

Posted by Ron Ferguson On 2007/7/16 1:00:16
Thanks BigKev I sure wish I had found this site before I started. It has been 45 years since High School Auto Shop and I was totally in the dark. Luckily I found some great folks that walked me thru the process. Id like to thank them here and if allowed give their address and phone numbers for anyone else that may need the help. With your permission.
I had my grandson turn the key and push the start button when we fired it up. He had a grin on his face a foot wide. Without him it would have been a real problem to get done. Hes 20 and this is the first time I've had him away from his computer longer than a few hours at a time.
Now that we are done, I just found the Project Blog area here. Figures.

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