Re: Looking for a body and a frame....

Posted by Jim L. in OR On 2011/8/29 17:37:08

BigKev wrote:
I am trying to see if I can locate a short wheel base body and frame from a 20's or perhaps a 30's car (maybe from a 6 cylinder car?). A convertible or roadster body prefered, but not required. I am NOT looking for a restore canidate, but something rougher that may have been passed up by others.

I have an idea for all Packard Rat-Rod or Tradional Hot Rod (I know, I can hear to boo's already, but wait) that would use nothing but unwanted Packard parts. I am not looking to gut something that is restoreable, but something that be sitting in a field somewhere that others have tagged as unrestorable or not worth it. Basically I just need a frame and body, and the doors. Then I can find a radiator shell, suspension, and hopefully a 352 for power.

I should put you in touch with a buddy of mine who has dreams of building a "Funny Car" powered by a 9 main bearing Packard straight eight.

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