Re: Looking for a body and a frame....

Posted by Matt snape On 2011/8/30 7:04:24
Hi Kev - just love the Pack-Rat name. I think you should do this if only so you have something to pin that name to!!

As my father has often been heard to say, it's like grandpas axe... it's had 10 different handles and 4 different heads, but it is still the same bloody axe! Restoration is a tricky thing. I would suggest that (IMHO)a body, for example, that is so badly rusted that large areas have to be replaced with new metal is not being restored - it is being replaced or remade. To my mind restoration means to bring the original back to near new condition - not replacing or remaking everthing so that it looks new. Many cars, to my mind, (especially many racing cars I have seen with significant histories) have been over-restored and end up better than they ever were. Outside resonable saftey and reliability concerns I think this is a mistake. This is all part of why I was so happy to hear of the increasing popularity of 'survivor cars' in the US and I hope the trend catches on here. Otherwise, just jack up the radiator cap, push a new car in underneath and 'tadah!' - a fully restored original car! Contenscious issue I know, but just my opinion.

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