Overheating Problem

Posted by Ron Ferguson On 2007/7/30 12:12:03
Hi guys I'm trying to get some info.
My 1940 120 has always ran warm since I got her. Now that summer is here the problem is a lot worse. I can only drive her about 3 miles till she pegged out full hot. I've flushed the radiator but it didn't do much good. I blew out the radiator from the engine side and got a lot of dust out. My next step is to pull the lower radiator hose and try to take a look see in the bottom of the radiator and into the water pump.
I had a guy tell me I might have to change out the "Water Distribution Tube" behind the water pump. I see Kanter has them for $171.00. Can anyone here give me some insight into the problem and a possible solution?
Once hot it seems like theres not enough air getting thru the radiator. While driving it tends to cool slightly but if I have to stop at a stop light it pegs again. The fan belt is not slipping and there are no leaks. Has a standard 4 bladed fan.
Replacing that water distribution tube sounds like a real pain. I guess its long and would have to come out through the grill. Im not looking forward to removing the front half of the car.

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