Re: Overheating Problem

Posted by Ron Ferguson On 2007/8/1 10:42:22
Clipper47 - I've never heard of water wetter. Can you suggest a product by name. It never snows here so that problem is eliminated. Im going to do and log some temp tests today so I can tell exactly how much difference the flex fan makes. I really wanted to keep it stock but I also want to enjoy it too. I've missed almost half the summer fixing a broken valve spring and waiting on parts and tools. It will never have a Chevy engine as long as I own it. Nothing is more disappointing than to see a beautiful old classic car with a modern drive train. The fan is easy to change out so maybe Ill just install it during the hot season here. You change your fluid and Ill change my fan. Our normal outside temp here from June to October runs between 90 and 105 degrees.
Ill keep everyone updated on my results.

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