Re: Overheating Problem

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2007/8/1 12:38:32
RedRon, perhaps one reason you didn't get much of a response is that overheating queries are so common that there really isn't any new ground to explore, so the same responses have been given over and over and over again. Perhaps some just get tired of repeating the same old info for those who don't search first.

That said, let me just reiterate some of the overheating culprits again. Retarded timing, blown headgasket, cracket head or block, excessive water pump impeller clearance or broken impeller, faulty thermostat, collapsed or soft radiator hoses, clogged water distribution tube, inadequate radiator flow rate (clogged), excessive scale build-up on water jackets, excessive bent or broken fins on radiator, or obstructed air flow, collapsed muffler internals and/or undersize tail pipe or exhaust pipe. In perhaps 75% of times it will be either a leaking headgasket or bad radiator.

Have you run the engine hot with the thermostat open and checked for gas bubbles in the top radiator tank (blown gasket or cracked head or block). Or you can use a sniffer and check for carbon monoxide. Have you checked the flow rate of the radiator - should be in the vicinity of 25-28 gallons per minute gravity flow.

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