Re: Overheating Problem

Posted by BH On 2007/8/2 9:12:39
RedRon -

Just keep in mind that this is an all-volunteer site, independent and unfunded by any club - one that charges nothing for access. Meanwhile, I've seen questions posed to more than one formal club that go effectively unanswered.

Though hasn't even seen it's second birthday (yet), the count of registered members is coming up on the 300 milestone in this rapidly growing online community. While not every one of those members participates in the Forums, many of those who do still have to work for a living (but I don't think any of us are sworn to any "sundown rule" here).

As such, it may take time to get an answer to any given question - just like it takes some people time to respond to an e-mail inquiry. The benefit of this site over e-mail is that more people will see your question in a public forum. That increases the likelihood that you'll get an answer, but there are no guarantees.

I'm not defending or criticizing anyone - just explaining the situation.

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