Re: Overheating Problem

Posted by BigKev On 2007/8/2 11:01:31
I agree with what Brian just said, and to add to that the summer is always the slowest time of the year for the website. With the good weather, people are out enjoying their Packards, and taking vacations. So you may see a delay in getting responses to questions as the person with the answer may be out driving their Packard around the country.

I have always noticed that activity trails off during the summer months, but as soon as fall and winter start rolling and people put there cars aways for the summer (well I hear they do that in other parts of the country, but that is completely foriegn to me living in So. Calif) then you will see that people will be spending more time.

Also as others have pointed out that the overheating question is something that is asked pretty often, so if you do a search you will find several theads discussing possible causes and how to fix them.

I am intrestested in what you find out what eventually fixes your overheating issue, as living in So Calif, the summer heat, mixed with bumper to bumper traffic is not something I want my Packard overheating in when I get it all running again.

On that note, I was thinking of adding at some point to the website a general troubleshooting section. In that we could list the probably causes and fixes for common problems (such as overheating). If any one would like to help out with putting something like that together, then please let me know.

Also Brian, don't forget "8 in a row"

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