Re: 1939 Rollson Packard 1701

Posted by Dan Marrin On 2008/7/11 5:38:20

If I am following this thread properly, it appears that you reference a Rollson made for opera singer Lily Pons as a 1939 Packard/Rollson. I have a reference to the Lily Pons car as having been a 1941. This quote "One of the Panel Broughams was built for opera singer Lily Pons on a 1941 Packard 160 chassis, and a special high-roofed five-passenger sedan body was fitted on a Super Eight chassis for either an elderly or handicapped customer." is taken from (6th paragraph from the bottom) what appears to be a rather authoratative article regarding Rollson located at:

I just contracted to purchase what I believe to be the 1941 "high-roofed five passenger sedan" yesterday, and have added a photo and some information on this car to the registry.

I suppose it is possible, but not likely due to the rarity of the Rollson, that Lily Pons may have owned both a 1939 and a 1941?

If I were trying to locate a particular Packard, I would contact the roster keeper for that car at:

Good luck in your search

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