Re: 1939 Rollson Packard 1701

Posted by Van On 2008/7/11 16:49:03

Thanks so much for the very interesting story and photos of your new purchase; a 1941 Rollson Hightop.

I saw a 1939 Rollson Packard 1701, razor edge towncar advertised in Hemmings last year. When I contacted the owner who lived in New York, he said the car was sold. He seemed reluctant to give any info or photos on the car, except to say that it was sold to the Dayton Packard Museum and that it once belonged to Lily Pons. I sent an e-mail to the DPM last year, which went unanswered. A few days ago, I learned from West Peterson in Dayton, that a 1939 Rollson Packard Razor Edge Towncar is in the museum's basement. He said he would revisit the museum and get more info and photos if possible.

I did contact the Roster Keeper for the 1701's, but she told me that she has not been involved in keeping the roster for sometime. She said the Packard site needed to be updated.

Much more info on my search car is located at the AACA Forum.

Thanks again


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