37 will turn over but not fire.

Posted by sanford mitchell on 2009/10/14 16:56:48
Okay guys..need some practical advice..for 12 years not problem hitting starter and car fires up.
!)getting plenty of fuel almost floods from continually cranking..that not the issue or so it seems
2)have never removed the distri for any serviceing.
3)check the gap on points..its in fac specs when open .020
4)with ign on and cap off, i'm getting the normal sparks when touching the point set and grounding.
5) Ill check plugs tonight to see if they are all fouled and carboned up..will let you know on that one.

a couple times it seemed to Just about fire but didnt.

any ideas where to check..

I even learned that you dont have to sit in car and press the starter button.lolol There is a switch on the top of the starter solenoid which preforms the same function as the starter button inside the car..duh !!!

Okay all you folks who are familiar with starting system, need your thoughts and advice..thanks guys

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