Re: How to time a 1930 Std 8?

Posted by Peter Packard On 2007/12/9 2:19:36
G'day all, I had the same problem with my Fifth Series, until I removed the starter, set the timing pointer to the appropriate static timing BTDC. I then got a piece of coat hanger wire and bent it into a pointer across the front harmonic balancer or pulley. (most earlier Series had a pulley only), attached the other end of the wire (in a small loop), to a timing cover bolt so that it sat very much like a later timing pointer. I then white painted a stripe on the harmonic balance to co-incide with the flywheel mark. The pointer now saves me having to remove
the starter to time the engine and works very well with a power timing light. There should not be a backlash issue if you always rotate the engine in the normal running direction to the timing position. I normally use a 12V light with the two power leads connected to a separate battery source from the 6V car battery. The inductive pick-up lead still clamps to your No.1 lead. I can take some pics if you need them. Best regards, Peter Toet

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