Re: !941 180 "Inner Trim Rings"

Posted by Packard41 On 2010/10/21 0:32:31
Good to know the correct inner trim rings for Packards are now available.

I sent Bill Hirsch an eMail after hearing from West about the trim rings that Bill had at Hershey. Bill replied "I had 6 of them at Hershey and I think I sold 3 of them and still have 3. They are brand new but they were from the first batch made and some of them need a bit of trimming at the bottom. They sell for $ 70.00 each but these are $20.00 each. If you don't trim off about 1/8" off the bottom they will not seat far enough into the wheel which could cause a hubcap to pop off."

So there are 3 "fixer-uppers" at $20 each or the new-improved ones at $70. I'm still going to search for the used ones so they'll match the car. So RogerDetroit I'll be in touch.

Kinda backwards eh? I'd rather have old and worn rather than new and shiny.

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