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Posted by fred kanter On 2010/11/9 20:21:44

Fred Kanter here, just starting to be in the 21st century and use Packardinfo!! The info on the change in '40 caps is correct. We produce and accurately advertise many hubcaps and it isn't that our 1940 caps "won't fit" the 110, they are advertised for the 120. 40-41 Six cyl cars use a samller diam, less domed cap whjich we don't make.

However we do have some NOS caps for the 110, not sure how many and whether block letter or script. Contact me personally at with which type and how many you need, I'll check

Keep in mind that the original caps and our repros are made identically, steel undershell with chromed brass skin for finer detail and cannot rust. They look, feel and weigh the same.

Original equipment caps in the 30's were made this way for durability (non-rust). Bill Hirsch's caps are one layer steel with chrome plating, and despite his claims years ago they are NOT the same as original. I've seen many of those caps with pitting and rust. I have to laugh at his claims that thye are easy to take dents out of, ever see a 30's Packard cap that has a curb scar? Unrepairable no matter what it's made from.

NOw as to his years ago claims that they are made in the original factory, he had them made in Spain and now in Taiwan!! NOw as to "Once these are sold out no more will be made" Really, he made them in the 80's in Spain and is still selling the same lot?? But how about having them made now in Taiwan??

Part of my coming into the 21st century is that now there is a place to tell the truth about what really goes on.

Fred Kanter
Kanter Auto Products
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