Re: 39 Heater decals

Posted by David Grubbs On 2011/3/31 15:36:39
Napa earlier mixed up a custom batch for me for the trim in the middle of the chrome on the dash, and I saw that it is almost spot on for the heater color as well. It is a Martin Senour spray can, 97-4827807 NA (L) DK TUNDRA. Code 48595. The mixture is as follows:
9839 Tec/sys BCD .041
TS231 RS Yellow 10.7
TS218 HS Black 9.4
TS282 UHS BC White 7.9
9842 TEC/SYS RUSS 2.7
3022 Flatting Bas 54.5
9912 Interior Mix 52.1

They mixed this one up for me in the Napa paint store, so be sure the Napa you're going to has this. Only one of the six stores in Billings has it. Cost about $17 to mix it up. They also did a can in Packard Blue for touching up the taillight bodies, which were in terrible condition.

Hope this helps.

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