Re: Tires, no biased answers or radical suggestions please!

Posted by Jim on 2011/4/18 16:49:47
Hi Pat!

Was just thinking the other day we hadn't seen you here in a while. Neat picture! Love the Chicago Typewriter!

I too have had mixed results with Lesters. I say mixed because my experience with a particular design of 7.00 X 16's on my '39 was terribly poor. The car wandered and had awful road manners. This was solved with the installation of a set of original WW Firestone's from Coker Tire. Conversely, there is a set of 6.50 X 16's on my '40 that are a bit aged, show no signs of cracking, and handle perfectly. Perhaps, the newer Lesters are not the quality of the older ones? I don't know.

You might go to the Coker Tire website and have a look around.


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