Are 180 wheels different than 120?

Posted by Packard41 On 2011/10/14 16:16:14
My '41 limo was changed to 15" rims early in the 50's and I decided to convert it back to the original rims. Ten years ago I bought some 16" rims from a reputable Packard parts dealer. They were marked "41 LeBaron". I also bought some inner trim rings, outer trim rings and the 180 hubcaps from another reputable Packard parts dealer.

The inner trim rings - though guaranteed to be 1941 Packard - did not fit! We tried them out on the two original spares that came with the car and they did not fit those either. But the outer trim rings and the hubcaps fit the "LeBaron" rims fine. I found another set of inner trim rings and just found out they don't fit! The problem this time is the "LeBaron" rims! They were very closely checked out and it turns out there is a slight difference between these rims and another Packard rim where the trim rings and hubcap fit.

So now I have to search for four more rims and what the heck am I searching for? How can I possibly know what is correct or not? Meanwhile, I have two '41 Henneys which have a total of 8 16" rims. The Henney's were basically 120s with a few 180 parts tossed in.

Big there a difference in wheels between Packard models or should the 180 inner and outer trim rings and the hubcaps fit on the Packard-Henney rims? The limo is in Idaho and the Henneys are in California so I can't pull the hubcaps and trim rings and try them out.

It's been over ten years since I bought the rims and the first set of inner trim rings and no one is taking them back. So I now have $1,000 invested in worthless rims and inner trim rings. Grrr...!!!

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