29 packard carb problems

Posted by 29tons On 2011/11/27 14:12:48
I have not started my car for a while. I recently went to start it and it would not start. I fill the vacume tank with gas the carb has gas in the float area. the spark is good I put gas in to 1 of the spark plug holes to see if it would try and it did try untill that gas was used up. I had problems with this carb since I had the car it was proffesionally rebuilt about 2 years ago since then I was driving the car and it just shut off. I did as much as I could do on the side of the raod until I finally towed it home. At home I took the carb off and found a small pipe in the center of the carb was clogged I cleaned it out and the car started and ran good. now the problem seems the same as that. for some reason there is no gas getting to plugs. I put my finger over the vacume fitting at the back side of carb and it dose seem to have vacume when the engine is cranked but if I put my hand over the end of carb where the choke is there does not seem to be much vacume if any. I had the intake off took it to a machine shop they said it was fine there are new gaskets on it also. I will add a picture of the carb are these problematic carbs or any other Ideas thanks for any help

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