Re: Synthetic oil vs. non synthetic oil

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2011/12/28 9:55:18
A major advantage of synthetic oils is the extended oil change interval which in my view runs contrary to the type of care that we should give our collector vehicles.

Collector cars are usually driven fewer miles, more frequent multiple but shorter trips etc. which tends to accumulate moisture and combustion byproducts in the motor oil. The best care they can receive in such service conditions is more frequent, not less frequent, oil changes. I change oil in my Packards every Fall regardless of mileage (which is usually about 800 - 1000, sometimes less) and use a good brand of conventional motor oil. Were I using synthetic, I'd be paying considerably extra for a benefit I'd never use and if I did, it would probably be detrimental to engine life if I also extended the change intervals.

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