Re: Wiring 37 115C

Posted by packick on 2012/1/24 20:30:23
OK, let's see if I can remember. I have a 1937 120 and I am sure the light switches are the same as the 115.

The first position on the light switch is for parking lights only, the second position is for City driving, and the third position is for Country driving. As I recall, the high beam switch works for the second and third positions. Also, on the third position, the RIGHT light is brighter than the left light. I think the theory is that you would not blind oncoming drivers but light up the side of the road.

Somebody might want to correct me, but that is how I remember it.

One final point. On my 1937, I always drive with my high beams on at night. I figure my pathetic 6V beams on high are nothing compared with todays halogen+fog+whatever beams coming at me so I can hardly see.

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