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Posted by Daniel Leininger on 2014/12/5 23:34:00
I started this Hillbilly Packard Project Blog just 15 months ago. My repair and restoration of "Clipper Jack" goes back SEVEN years to the fall of 2007.

This was ----
NO Frame-OFF job;
NO SHOW CAR project;
NO PRO SHOP garage.
JUST a DIY, tinker, grease monkey, knuckle-buster, hobby, TLC repair, recondition, rollin, restoration.

I recently discovered some photos of the 2007-2008 trip to KY to pick up this Clipper, along with early repair work that followed. These pictures reminded me of how neglected this engine was as well as all the work I have done in the last seven years.

So I would like to post them here and elaborate in the narrative that opens this Project Blog.

Having NO car trailer, I rented a U-Haul trailer in South Dakota. The trailer was shorter than I wanted, but I thought it could work. SO, I hooked up my Chevy Silverado to the trailer and packed to go.

Once I got to Versailles KY, Louie Logan had parked the Clipper in front the blacktop road in front of a horse barn. It was a beautiful sight. WE shook hands and I loaded the beast onto the little trailer. As we turned around in the lawn around the barn, I realized how short to\he U-Haul rig actually was. Photos 2 & 3

The trip home was nearly a 1,000 miles. The Clipper pranced along behind me as if it was happy to be on the road and have a new start even if it was only a tow.

Once I got back to SD, I started repairs. The engine was a mess as seen in Photo 4. The air cleaner had 20 years of gunk in the oil bath.

The water pump needed replacement Photo 5 and 6. The back plates of the water pump, (old on left and new on right), are examples of the replacement repairs. 6, and 7.

Eventually, I had the frame up on blocks, floor jacks, and a hydraulic jack (I like 2 or 3 backup supports before I crawl under 3800 lb of old steel.

The water pump and brake master cylinder were rebuilt, repainted and reinstalled.

When I replaced the center grill, I paused for a photo opportunity on the design that facinates me most on the 41 Clippers, including Clipper Jack.

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