Re: MiklDry's '56 Executive Pricilla

Posted by Dan White On 2007/6/23 16:44:58
Well it has been awhile since I have updated. this. My car sits on a lift, up in a building that I only get access to on the weekends. My actuator parts are being worked on by Mr. Pushbutton. Who has been very busy!
My radiator still is not finished. I talked to the guy who is doing that fabrication a few hours ago.
He said, ?Well we are almost ready to start working on that. ?Check back next weekend or maybe the weekend after that.?
My plan has been to first put the actuator back together. I am told to do this I have to jump spark the motor to get the shift-shaft turned back toward reverse. So I guess I'll have to charge the battery. Then take the fan blades off and replace the belts and thermostat while things are apart. When I get the fan assembly, I will take the old transmission cooler off and re-plumb the lines, adding about three inches of the proper rubber tubing to connect the hard lines to the radiator. I have a lower hose for a standard transmission V8 to hook that up. Then I will wire in the electric fan.
Once I can get the car moving under her own power I will drive her back home. Well not quite. I have found a place that will drop the transmission and fix the leek! This guy has worked on Ultramatics before and comes recommended.
I miss my car! Maybe I can still make the August shows.
I have been thinking about how that new aluminum radiator, shroud, overflow tank, and electric fan will look. I have been considering painting them with a Packard Blue candy coat. The guys at House of Kolor, tell me that I can spray the stainless, chrome, and other metal with Adhearal then the candy coat and it will hold up just fine on that heat.
I first had that idea when I was looking for a better air cleaner. I can get NOS chrome valve covers for about $300. My engine compartment is painted Persian Aqua and so is the pan that goes between the grill and radiator. If I can find the correct Kelly Green for the engine, I think that the dark blue will look better than the typical black.
I scored a new intake manifold that I would like to get Jet-Hot coated as well as the exhaust manifolds. Darn it, I sound like I am doing a ?make-over?.
Jokes, of course are well accepted, as well as honest input on these ideas.
Also I was thinking about using ?Trick Shift? in the trany, but I hear that it is the same thing as type F, which is much cheaper!

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