Re: MiklDry's '56 Executive Pricilla

Posted by BH On 2007/6/24 8:42:58
Dan -

Thanks for updating us on your "progress". Sorry to hear that troubles continue with the car, but I'm sure you know that this could happen with most any old car. As such, can you imagine any of the overly-complicated modern cars being collectible decades from now? (LOL!)

WRT to engine paint, PackardV8 (Keith) reported here - as I have heard from others in the hobby - that you special high-heat engine enamels aren't really necessary. In fact, I was told that even Bill Hirsch's "aircraft engine enamel" will still burn off the crossover tube of the intake manifold, where it meets the cylinder head.

Now, while I prefer to use engine enamels, they aren't always available in the right color. That's a particular problem for owners of '56 Clippers and Execs, as I have NEVER seen a high-temp engine enamel in the right shade of metallic green that was used for that one year. It is a shade unlike any other green used on any other Packard engine (or any other car, for that matter).

However, I have on record that Dupont Dulux 5227DH provides the correct color for these engines. (I do not have such info for other Packard engine colors, however.)

I'm not sure why you'd wanna got to the expense of JetHot coating on the intake - unless you're trying to overcome the burning paint problem with that one spot on the crossover tube. Jet-Hot looks gorgeous on a header and helps extende their life, but for cast-iron exhaust manifolds I recommend Calyx, which can be touched up on-car, as needed.

The upper splasher - the cover between the radiaotr and grille - was originally painted a semigloss balck, but many owners painted it a hi-gloss black, which has a wet look to it. I just mention that as (short of black, white, gray or silver) I've not seen many colors that go well with Persian Aqua, which is a beautiful color, in and of itself.

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