Re: MiklDry's '56 Executive Pricilla

Posted by Dan White On 2007/7/12 22:00:35
Greetings from the peanut gallery! I have been writing nothing because nothing has been done, almost. I got my actuator ?in-nerds? back from Mr. Pushbutton, who I can't thank enough! He told me that I have to get the shifter back to ?R?. It has traveled too far clockwise! He told me about an easy way to do this by applying current to one of the leads of the electric motor.
Well dummy me, tired that and nothing happened. I took the motor out and found that I had nothing to turn the worm gear with. It took me a week but I finally realized that the motor could not work because the other leads were not grounded. So I made up patch cords and a bus bar so that I can work this magic from under the car. I am also taking a small piece of PVC pipe that has been notched as a plan ?B?.
I just got a call from the guy that is building the radiator for me. It will be ready on Saturday! (My friend can only go up to his building on Friday night.)
I want my car off of his lift! It has been there for nearly two months. This Saturday is our clubs car cruise and there is an all day show this Sunday. I might just be closer to August getting her back on the road than I guessed.
An important point. When I ordered the radiator with shroud and an electric fan, I was sure that I had plenty of room for it once I took my old fan off. I had not counted on the water pump having that long of a shaft coming out of the front like it does. The radiator guy says that he can rig two 12 inch fans. One will be high on the driver's side and the other low on the passenger's side. These will be puller fans. Does anyone think that this might work? We are assuming that the original fan was reasonably centered on the radiator. Is that true? What a time to ask, huh?
He says that it will still be pulling about 3K cfms, any idea what the original pulled? He also said that he will be attaching the sensor onto the bottom of the radiator which will cause the fans to go on at 190 and off at 170. Any thoughts about that?
Since the transmission lines go up the side of the block to the front, I assumed that I should cut them there and flare them, then just run transmission hoses to the radiator and back.

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