MiklDry's '56 Executive Pricilla

Posted by Dan White on 2007/3/7 14:44:02
I am so glad to have a place to discuss what I wish to do with my Packard. Pricilla is deffinatly a 6-foot beauty. Ah the dreams of buying a car that was finished and ready to drive! Well I am determind to drive and get out every dry day (St. Louis weather).
First, got to get wipers fixed, they run but do not stop.
Oh wait, needs new front tires and alignment! No, first needs to be raised about three inches. (got the new "pins")but first need to buy tool to hold T Bars! Good done, done, done!
Nearly fell through front seat! So I rebuilt springs and added high des. foam and re-covered!
So I guess I can work on wipers right? Wrong! bad engine noise, yep! new lifters and push rods!
Now I have got to drop pan and check oil pump, I have found the little "bent tube" fix.
However I am driving this car and need music. AM radio around here--UGH!
After three " I have a friend who can do radio work"'s never pan out, I get a professional.
MORE on radio in another post.
Brakes go out completely!!!!! New hoses, wheel cyl's, shoes, Treadle-vac out. Rebuilt and back in.
Now power steering hoses leaking, replaced, power steering control valve rebuilt..now dampener leaking!
Oh yes the trans will not go into PARK. I get the feeling that the "AutoPark"bypass was not done right. Did I say that none of the dome lights work?
Still in love with this car,
Dan White

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