Re: MiklDry's '56 Executive Pricilla

Posted by Dan White on 2007/3/7 23:26:07
Yes I have checked the Panther project out. What a fantastic bit of work! You are doing a great service for all of us that love our Packards and still wonder what if? I carefully read about the treadle-vac and changing it over to a dual unit. I studied the pictures and just do not think that is for me this time....:) I will stay posted on new developments!
In an effort to Cover - NOT HIDE my two ten inch subwoofers in the trunk, I have attempted to create a psuedo-jukebox. I did not want to make an exact copy of a counter top remote, so I gave the suggestion of it. I used a curved plexiglass to give that impression then made a lightbox for the color changing neon over it. Not quite "50's Dinner" but maybe an impression. I used Electro-luminescent wire to form blue archs in the middle, that were taken from the 1956 movie "Forbidden Planet"'s Robbie the robot! I added color plexiglass "wings" to either side of the "Window" to give the impression of Packard's ox-bow grille.
Well that was my intent. My ideas were far greater than my abilities as I have never worked with Plexiglass before.
Still I am proud of it as I have never seen anything like this on any car or in any magizine that I have read.
Someone might do it better, but here is mine!

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