Re: MiklDry's '56 Executive Pricilla

Posted by Dan White on 2007/4/13 16:42:46
To only brag a tiny bit:
Every year in Saint Louis, they have a big car show. It is sponsored by the Horseless Carriage Car Club. It is called the Easter Concours d' Elegance. .. Kinda "Uppity" and all of that! It is a rather Grand way to start the car show season.
I have been several times, and I really wanted to go this year, just to be a part of it. I love looking at the "Rolls Royce"s and the Franklin's, this year there were over a dozen model T's. It is not just the same muscle cars and 1957 Chevys, and Camaros that are at every show during the year.
I was thinking that it might be a low turnout because of the below freezing temps. However I think everybody else thought the same way because it was packed!
Long story short, I won a First Place in my class! This is HUGE for me and my car. The honor, I mean, not the trophy. The First place award is an expensive mantle clock. It is only about 6 inches high and made out of a solid block of wood. Looks like an open book with an engraved brass plaque. ELEGANT!
As soon as I got there in the morning and opened my hood, people started to come up. I am sure that you all have encountered this yourselfs! One guy said "Gee, I have never seen a radiator hose like that."
Well, it looked as if it had Swallowed a grapefruit! I loosened the cap and let the pressure out and wondered how I was going to make the 30 miles or so home. I also wrapped a whole roll of electric tape (it was all I could find) around the hose. Then on the way home I swear that I could not shift into third!
So now I await a package from Max Merritt with hoses and belts!
Gee I LOVE old cars!

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