Re: MiklDry's '56 Executive Pricilla

Posted by BH on 2007/4/20 15:26:54
Yes, you do have to unbolt the trans cooler from the block to install the hose to the water pump. It's been several years since I changed these on my cars, but I think I removed the P/S pump belt and loosened and moved the pump for better access. It also helps to use a little bit of water-based lube on the outside of the water pump manifold inlet to help persuade the hose on - as that hose has to stretch open a little to fit oer the inlet. Do NOT use petroleum-based lube as it will cause the hose to fail prematurely!

However, IIRC, I installed that piece of hose prior to installing the one that connects the cooler to the radiator. That last hose was still a devil to get on, but the plain rubber hose was pliable enough that I could fold/tuck it into place.

If you can wait until tomorrow AM, I will check my notes and post the correct dimensions of those two straight pieces of hose.

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