Re: MiklDry's '56 Executive Pricilla

Posted by Dan White on 2007/4/21 12:39:05
Thanks Brian!
I got the hoses on! She is all filled with 50% antifreeze. I drove her a mile or so on three different times letting it cool between stops and checked and refiled radiator. I thought that I would be ready for a parade this morning (Sat.) Priscilla had other plans.
This morning, strange sounds were coming from the garage. Loud intermittent buzzing from under the hood. I disconnected the battery.
My best guess at this time, is that when "Burping" the radiator, some antifreeze sprayed back and into one or more of the relays.
I readily admit that this is just a guess. I also admit that every joint in my body is aching and I have a bad sinus headache, so I don't trust my foggy thinking.
This weekend, all of the local Packard people are on a weekend trip so I have no body to check this out.
My best friend knows nothing about Packards and has all ready spent seven to eight hours with me getting the hoses on.
Forgive me if I say I feel defeated!

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