Re: RIk's 56 ultramatic

Posted by R H On 2013/5/26 23:58:39
need to get those non packard picts off,

today took off rear sway bar. pitb, why packard put the nuts on the inside,, when it goes back in nuts will be on outside,

and going with stainless bolts.

after taking sway bar apart. my plan is to mod. it, so i can use nuts, add 1/4 inch. on rear side. i was think thinking 1/4 each side, but that throws it out, of line.

i can turn the head of the bolt down in the lathe 3/16ths looks like it will clear.

with the nuts i can use cotter pins to lock the nuts, drill threw or castle nut.or even double nut the nuts. thats the easy way.

i will have pictures for all of it.

the driver side bar still had bushings, the pass side top was gone.

The bolt,, 60 years and bright and shining ..

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