Wes's Maroon 1947 Custom Super Clipper

Posted by Wesley Boyer On 2012/11/17 11:42:23
Well I'm ready to jump into the deep end of the pool and start a blog, hoping this will keep me going on getting this Packard back on the road. I am the third owner of this car, First owner was a Mr. Flagg, the second owner was Mr. Saltz. Mr. Saltz had the right front fender replaced since it had been damaged and he was able to get a new fender at the time. Also at that time I think he had the whole car repainted. Now the paint is coming off in big flakes, so it will need a new paint job in the future, but for now I just want to get it road worthy.
Since the car has sat idle in my garage for the pass five years and over ten in his garage, I figured this would be a good time to go over all the mechanics of this car. I was also thinking this would be a good time to record on video all my steps, so if anyone finds them self in this situation maybe they will find this very helpful. And at the same time if I am doing something wrong, someone out can tell me and I can fix it before I cause a bigger problem. Plus since I am not a mechanic (Just a jack of all trades, master of none.) and no one to help me, I will need the help of all to keep me on track with this project.
I will be starting off with an oil change, but to do a proper oil change I believe I need to drop the oil pan and clean it out as needed. (Ha-Ha as needed, after over 15 years on setting.)
So look for videos on youtube.com (1947 Packard Part 1) and I am also looking into a web page to setup an easy link to the videos and pictures for this project.

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