Re: Wes's Maroon 1947 Custom Super Clipper

Posted by PackardV8 on 2012/11/18 8:13:16
BEfore pulling the pan:

Check radiator for coolant level. Visual inspect or check with hydrometer the coolant to see if it tests/appears to be antifreeze or just water.

Remove ALL spark plugs and squirt a teaspoon full of oil in each cylinder. Turn the engine BY HAND (not with electric starter) at least 4 complete revolutions. I usualy do 8 to 10 revolutions. THis is to determine whether or not the engine has any siezed parts in it from setting for long periods. If it hits a tite spot DO NOT force it.

Remove oil drain plug and catch just a glass cup full of oil. Look for any significant amount of water at the bottom of glass jar. A tiny amount don't be alarmed. Most cars of that era has a drain plug big enuf to stick your finger thru. If there is only 1/8" sediment on the bottom inside of pan and no evidence of alot of debris then i don't bother to remove the pan, especialy if engine is low mileage, say under 50K miles.

Not much point to R&R oil pan if engine is siezed, in which case R&R oil pan mite have to happen a second time.

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