Re: Wes's Maroon 1947 Custom Super Clipper

Posted by PackardV8 On 2012/11/18 17:09:27
Upon FIRST start be sure to have a GOOD fire extinguisher handy. Also KNOWN to work mechanical oil pressure gauge installed. If the engine has even just reasonably good oil pressure then dropping the pan rite now is in my oponion, not neccessary and won't be to any advantage.

GEt it started and dolby it out. Watch that oil pressure when it FIRST starts. IT should hit at least ten pounds with in the first 10 seconds of running. If not probably need to shut it down and then MAYBE pull the pan to investigate oil pressure relief valve ( if it is inside the pan maybe external on your model) . FOr just setting and idling any engine will be ok even with as little as 5 PSI oil pressure. But what the hay!!! PRobably start it up and get good pressure rite away. No way to predict. Not even by just pulling the oil pan unless u pull the oil pump too to inspect.

Bottom line: When it fires up it either gets oil pressure or it doesn't. Pulling pans and pumps mite be unneccessary.

Keep us posted.

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