Re: Wes's Maroon 1947 Custom Super Clipper

Posted by Wesley Boyer on 2020/9/21 19:14:38
Dell, after looking at my spare Backup Light. I notice it has three wire spring clips in it where this one has only two. So I'm wondering if someone didn't stick this clip in there to make up for the missing clip. So pulled a spring clip out of the spare and putting it back together.

Howard, it looks like I need to take the carpet up again. I'm hoping it is just that I didn't get the panel on correctly because I didn't have this problem before. But I do need to look into it. I'm just surprise about how it does slap the underside of the floor when the pedal unsticks. Once I get the pedal from sticking then I probably won't notice it anymore.
As always, Thanks for the help guys!

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