Re: Wes's Maroon 1947 Custom Super Clipper

Posted by Wesley Boyer on 2020/10/8 20:25:03
Jacked up the front end, trying to figure out why the steering feels so loose. couldn't find any play in anything. Talk to my older brother and he suggest to check toe-in. So I guess that's my next step.
While the front end was up greased around 12 points, had a couple fittings that wouldn't take grease, so for now swapped out fittings until I can get some new ones. Also packed the bearings while there and cleaned up the drivers side brake. Look like a little something wet on it, so took my blow torch and burned off the pads and wiped down everything. That made a big difference, stops pretty straight and no lock ups.
Tried the Overdrive today, no go. Grounded pin 5 and could hear the relay click.
Found Kick-Down Switch wasn't making good contact. Jumper it out and went for a spin. Saw the green light come on after I got above 25 MPH, shifted into third but I don't think it went into Overdrive.
Back at the house, had my son ground pin 5 on the relay while I checked the solenoid on the transmission, it clicked. So I guess I'll have to check some more.
Hopefully one of these days I'll be finished.

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