Re: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400

Posted by Stewart Ballard on 2013/7/21 20:36:21
Got both front fenders and all the dental work pulled this weekend. Spent a couple hours trying to strip everything else off the fenders. The turn signals are going to be the hardest as several of the screws have deteriorated to far to get a bite.
I need help getting the antenna removed. Can someone tell me what tool is used to remove the chrome cap. I need more then "spanner wrench" as that name is used to describe many, many different types of tools. Some of them that look like they may work on my Google search are $70 so I really don't want to be guessing.
Also, got asked the other day what type of restoration I was planning (complete restoration or other). My reply was "complete restoration" but after giving that some thought I realized that "complete restoration" to me may mean something entirely different to others. A better answer may be "complete restoration but not opposed to modifications that improve handling, performance and the life of the car". Having said all that I definitely want a Packard powered vehicle but that Chevy transmission conversion I was reading about in another thread sure looks promising to me.

Thanks for all the advice on the fender and grill removal. Its nice to know you Packardteers have got my back.

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