Re: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400

Posted by Stewart Ballard on 2013/7/29 20:00:55
I have found my new favorite tool...PB Blaster. I've been stripping the front fenders of all their bling and it just wasn't going my way.

A little here and there and the next day it was like working on an entirely different fender. Got one done will finish the other soon.

I did get the antenna out. As soon as the other fender is stripped I'll have to give it some attention. Its extended and I can't store it that way so I need see if I can it retracted properly.

I did go a car show this weekend in Elizabethtown. They shutdown the whole down area for about 4 or 5 blocks. They had about 1800 cars show up. There was only lone Packard among legions of Chevy and Fords. A few pics below of the 55 Patrician and an Auburn from the show that I liked.

Fantastic weather here for late July so we are taking advantage as much as we can that just doesn't include much Packard time. Come September when the garden is mostly done I'll have a lot more time.

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