Re: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400

Posted by Stewart Ballard on 2013/8/1 21:13:51
Got the fenders stripped this week and had time to take a closer look at that antenna yesterday.

Hooked up an old 12V bench tester that I found on Ebay for $16 and nothing happened. Removed the cover and found the nylon piece that raises and lowers it, broken in 3 places. The motor still wouldn't run with the cover off. I'm not sure I really going to worry about it right now. There are far too many aftermarket antennas out there. I'll revisit this later.

The wife and I had to take a road trip today about 2 hours north into Central Indiana. We were getting off the interstate at Franklin and I wasn't about to let the opportunity to stop in at Max Merritt's pass me by. I called him Tuesday to see if he had a fuel tank to fit the 400. He hooked me up with a non-refurbished tank off a 51 model. I don't think he was expecting me to say "I'll pick it up". He had it in the back of his truck when we arrived.

He didn't have any refurbished ones at the time because they are consolidating some warehouses into one location and all the equipment for that job is not set up at the moment. I'm just glad I got to meet Max and have a tank for my car. That was the last major missing piece for my Packard (I think). Wonder how much I saved in shipping?

The last image below is of the pile of free tools that were left in the truck from the previous owner. I meant to show it to you earlier but forgot. Their just a little rusty.

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