Re: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400

Posted by HH56 on 2013/8/2 19:54:21
I stand corrected on the rusty tools. Sounds like a salvageable use of one after all.

Without a better shot I can't be sure on the switch either but what I can see of the bezel sure looks like 51-4. Packard switches had some function labels on the end of one switch which will say CYL, BAT, and MOT. Other mfgs may have also used the same style bezel.

If labeled and intact, the middle BAT set and the MOT set of side terminals will be connected by a buss bar. If labeled as mentioned, the switch is for the hydraulic windows. The internal configuration makes it unsuitable for individual electric motor windows since the CYL terminal is active when the window goes up or down.

At any rate, I'd hang on to it for posterity if nothing else.

EDIT: On the hood letters, GENTLY use a sharp pointed scribe type tool or small jewelers screwdriver and pry the small tangs pressing against the pin away. Once they have loosened their grip, the speednuts can generally be rotated slightly and pulled off. Try not to bend the tangs too much and they can be reconfigured and reused. If a tang does break, new speednuts are available. Whatever you do, don't pry or put a lot of pressure on the speednut and pin while the tangs are still firmly attached or digging in. The pins can break quite easily.

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