Re: Stewart's 1955 Packard 400

Posted by Stewart Ballard on 2013/8/16 19:43:40
Went to Harbor Freight and picked up a set of larger sockets and a breaker bar last weekend. First thing I did when I got home was get out the 1" socket and try to turn over the engine. I've have no idea what shape this engine is in but I have confirmed that the engine is not seized. Its amazing the amount of relief I felt.

Also got the front bumper removed. It only took me about 3 evenings. Separating the upper and lower bumper is going to be even harder as those bolts have deteriorated beyond being able to put a wrench or socket on them.

Lastly, I spent my last government mandated furlough day (today) pulling the carburetor, ignition coil and a few other items off. I am planning to pull the engine in about a month.

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