Re: Stewart

Posted by HH56 on 2021/8/12 20:24:22
I don't know if universal housings are available or if they are I doubt they would look anything close to stock. I have only seen the inner flexible core cable and a variety of ends to fit different speedos in the universal cable kits.

If the damaged area is hidden you could probably put a clamp on metal or even plastic sleeve long enough to go several rings over the damaged area to keep it from getting worse. Fold a piece of thin sheet stock and with enough extra length to make flat edges to place a couple of screws or maybe some kind of crimp. A couple of layers of heat shrink or heat shrink tape might even work if it is not in an area that could be pulled or stressed farther.

If that is not feasible I suspect that finding another housing will need to be Mike Dulinski or maybe Gerry at Packardssouthwest.

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