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Posted by HH56 On 2021/8/15 19:15:53
I believe your emblem is the same as the 56 in which case there is a fairly bright red in the shield and the rest of the emblem would appear to be gold on a chrome base. Hard to take a good photo because the flash distorts the colors.

Maybe someone else can say if the dash emblems might be faded a bit or if they were actually all gold instead of the combination silver and gold used on other emblems.

On the nut for the track check out McMaster and do a search for press in nuts and also capture nuts. As the title said the press ins do just that while the capture nuts show one type that is in a kind of cage that might be able to be used by enlarging the damaged hole or another type that could be welded in.

Here is a photo of my emblem along with a grill emblem courtesy of the Emblemagic site. Theirs shows a very decent rendition of the gold/chrome/red combination used in many other places .

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