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Posted by HH56 On 2021/8/16 19:09:14
I don't know if I measured the same piece you have and the size needed does vary depending on the piece. You will need to measure the piece you have to be sure of what is needed.

I measured between.082 to .090 on the studs on the piece I had so I am thinking it would require 3/32 speed nuts. If you want the flat round style like the 1/8" you show, I didn't find any 3/32. Restoration Specialties and McMaster both have the flat rectangular style. Restoration sells individually so if you only need a few that might work out to be cheaper. McMaster sells by the box and depending on width it is a box of 50 or 100.

If it takes the tubular style clip then I think the best option will be Restoration Specialties. Several of the other clip suppliers I had bookmarked are gone or do not have that size.

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