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Posted by Stewart Ballard On 2021/9/12 18:57:40
1. Got that replacement, rear window rail in place.
2. Primed both front fenders.
3. Coated the inside of the front fenders with Rust-oleum track bed liner.
4. Received all the tiny slip-on type push nuts for the dash board emblems.
5. Dash board emblems are in place.
6. Pulled the blower fan (pics below) off the shelf and dissembled it. That funnel and squirrel-cage casing are not going to come apart. I have been trying for days. The fan motor is shot. Even it is in good shape the wires coming from it are entirely bare so it has to be disassembled and re-wired at the very least.
I can't find any info on that motor,fan or assembly in the service manual. Can someone tell if that is a variable speed motor? 2 or 3 speed?
How does it change speeds the wire diagram on shows a ground and power wire?

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