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Posted by Stewart Ballard On 2021/9/21 15:46:05
I am going to try and clarify my post from last night's.
First the problem in this post and the next post may contain a possible solution.

Image 1 - shows the front of the fender in place with a bolt in the front only. There are no other bolts in the fender at this time.

Image 2 - show the bolt holes inside the fender well. The holes in the frame line up as expected.

Image 3 - shows the rear, body, bolt hole. It is off by about an inch. This tells me that the body may be too far back.

Image 4 - I removed the bolt from the front and now the fender is bolted only to the firewall at the rear (I forgot to take a picture of that) as you can see the bolt holes inside the fender do not align as they did before. The frame holes are about 1” forward.
That just confirms my theory (to me anyway) that the body is too far back as all the holes except for the firewall bolt aling up when bolted in the front.

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