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Posted by Stewart Ballard On 2021/9/21 16:24:12
A possible cause and solution to the problem.

Many, many moons ago, someplace in my blog, I made the decision to purchase a conversion plate from Bendtsen’s to allow me to use a GM 700R4 transmission instead of the original. I was young and naive and the 700R4 just made a lot of sense to me at the time. In retrospect (even before this problem) I wish I had gone ahead and had the original rebuilt or done it myself.

So back to the problem of the body being too far to the rear. Somewhere in the instructions from Bendtsen’s or their website they mentioned that I may need to take a hammer to the body where the trans meets and the body meets but when we put the body in place a few years ago all the mount holes aligned so we assumed the hammering was not going to be necessary. Besides the instructions did not really say where exactly to hammer. It just said hammer for clearance. We would have had to place the body and find where it contacts the body then remove it, hammer it and then place it again.

The image below (it was a tight fit) shows the very top of the conversation plate and the 700R4. They may not appear to be touching but they are. There is no way that body is going to move forward like it is now.

When I first realized this I decided that a large rum drink was in order. I walked into the house, dejected and trying to figure out the lesser of two evils. Should I...
Raise the body and beat the hell out of that spot so that it sits right or
Remove the 700R4 and the conversation place and go with the original trans.

Half way through my rum drink I remembered how I replaced the fuel pump in my old Chevy Squarebody truck a few years ago. I just cut a hole in the cab floor to gained access to the fuel pump without having to drop the fuel tank. It saved me days of work.
So, now I am thinking maybe, at this point, my best bet is to simply cut a hole in the floor where the trans and the underside of the body meets to allow some clearance and move the whole body forward the inch or so that is needed. I can easily patch the hole again when everything is in place.

What do you think about that idea?
In the future I may go ahead and rebuild the original trans and mount it but that will be after the car is on the road and I have nothing else to do.

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