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Posted by Stewart Ballard On 2021/9/22 18:42:27
I made a little progress this afternoon on getting all the fender bolt holes to align.
I loosened up the radiator support and shifted it toward the engine.
That got me maybe 3/8 “ and cut about half the distance needed.
Pictures 1 and 2 below are before and after shots of where the fender bolts to the firewall.

I crawled inside with a right angle cutter and cut through the transmission hump to expose top of the trans as I discussed yesterday (see picture 3). I underestimated the size of the hole needed. 2” will be wide enough but it will not be long enough. The body is laying on the entire length of bell housing (not just the top of it). I am going to have to cut it all the way down to where it levels off, probably 6 to 8” total. I’ll finish that tomorrow.

I crawled under and loosened up all the body mount but there is no way little ole me is going to push the body forward the last ½” or so that I need.

I guess when the rain stops this week I will take the whole car off the blocks and put it on the ground and chock the tires real good. Then I will pull my truck in the door and connect the two of them with chains & come-along and try to drag the body forward as far as needed.

This will be fun.

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