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Posted by HH56 on 2021/9/28 19:00:54
The blower housing and motor are the same semi gloss black as the left side air vent tube, horns and radiator cradle.

One thing I can say is if you have the front sheetmetal behind the grill painted a light color you can see thru the grill and the white and whatever other light color might be present is very clearly seen thru the grill. Very noticeable from a distance and personally I find that very ugly with the other dark colored components blocking areas and making a patchwork effect. I have regretted the white on my car. Do not know if Packard changed it to semi gloss black or perhaps dealers did it but have seen some 56 models painted in a darker color so the view thru the grill is not as glaring and obvious.

Another place I would suggest you paint black -- or at least the same color as the dash top -- is the area between the lower windshield and flat shelf including the slots in the defrost air chamber. When the dash and windshield garnish molding is installed the space where defroster air blows thru to the windshield is fairly wide. A light color calls attention to be area and gap becomes prominent because a light color can be easily seen from the outside looking in.

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